Registration fees and deadlines

People who plan to attend the Conference are requested to complete the registration form by 20 March 2022. People who intend to give a contributed talk are required to submit their abstract by 20 March 2022.


Registration and abstract submission
20 March
1-30 April

Registration fees

200 EURO
Accompanying person
Participants who have already paid the registration fee in 2020 and do not intend to participate should contact the organizers at .

Registration form

Registrations for the conference are now closed.

Abstract submission

Participants to Combinatorics 2022 may contribute a short communication of 20 minutes (including questions) on topics relevant for the conference.
  • People interested to contribute should submit a short (less than one page) abstract both in latex and pdf format to the address by 20 March 2022 using the following template.
  • The abstract must be written in English and the latex file must compile without errors.
  • The file must be named according to the format "Surname_X.tex" where X is (are) the initial(s) of your personal name(s) and Surname is your surname.
  • Acceptance of the communication shall be confirmed not later than 1 April 2022.